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Photos our Past Masters and Members

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The Past Masters
and Members
De Tatton Lodge

in the Province


At our Centenary in 1986 one of our Past Masters, W.Bro Tony Bannister took on the monumental task
of going through every Minute book since 1886, of which we have them all, bar one from 1946 to 1956, picking out any relevant, humorous or interesting facts and documenting them in our Lodge History, which I recommend you read.

His booklet covers one hundred years of continual Masonic dedication of this Lodge, showing everything that occurred in the Lodge form the subscriptions then, to donations to various charities and organizations.

It is without doubt a valuable and precious account of
De Tatton Lodge, and we are eternally grateful
to him.


This booklet is based on the work of Tony Bannister, who did most of the groundwork but I concentrate on our
Past Masters, because without them our lodge would be nothing. I try and give you an insight into who our Past Masters were, where they lived and what they did for a living, and where possible show you who they were as
opposed to just a name in a list.

I have used many sources for my research which has taken much of my time, but I have enjoyed every minute.

But I go a bit further than Just the Past Masters, because up to date here in 2005 we have had 556 members over the past 119 years, and many of them did not become Master of this or any other Lodge for many reasons.
Some just did not want to 'go through the chair', and were content to help the lodge in one of the minor Offices.
Others simply left the Lodge, or sadly passed away.
Whatever the reason their membership and contribution to this lodge must never be forgotten.
I try in this booklet to ensure their names and who they were
do not remain just a name in a list
but are remembered for the contribution they made to
De Tatton Lodge Number 2144

Stephen B Clifford

De Tatton Lodge

Our Past Masters

120 Years ago, a different era to what we see and experience now, was a time when values and respect were different to what they are today.
But this was a time when
De tatton Lodge
was formed.

This booklet is dedicated to those Honorable Men, just ordinary everyday working people who joined an organisation, not knowing then what they were joining, but knowing it was to try and help others.


These men led the Lodge for a year or sometimes more and became the elder statesmen of not only this Lodge in Particular, but in Masonry in general.

In preparing this manuscript I claim an certain amount of literary license, and whereas all the facts are correct, I hope to have made it enjoyable.

This was 1886, well before the turn of the century.

Have you any idea what life was like?

Still hardly any cars. No electricity. No phones.
Everything we take really for granted nowdays, they had none, and whereas what you've never had you can never miss, nevertheless life must have been very hard.

Just to get anywhere for a certain time must have been a nightmare.

Horse drawn buses, and yes there were the trains, but how often did they run? And how far did you have to walk to get to the station and from it to your destination?
By 1886 the new railway line from Manchester to Altrincham had been operating for some years, and by all accounts it only took about 8 to 10 minutes.

Some of the members lived in Longsight, Chorlton, Old Trafford and Manchester, how did they get home in the evening, let alone get to the meeting?

This was a time, in the late1880's when Mr Eiffel built some ponsy Tower somewhere!
Young boys were sent down the mines and that only changed a year after the Lodge was formed when it took an Act of Parliament restricting their age to 13yrs, which was a shame cos I bet they'd be too knackered to go round smashing bus shelters or beating up old ladies like they do now!!

This was a time when not all that long before the Lodge was formed, the borough of Altrincham had officials to assist the Mayor:
Constables, Bailiffs, Byelaw Men, Market Lookers,
Ale Tasters, Swine Lookers, Leather Sealers, Pump Lookers, Swine Lookers, Overseers and Dog Muzzlers, and oh yes not forgetting the
Chimney Lookers and the Bell men.

Just to give you an insight into what some of these Officials had to do, the Pump Lookers were employed to ensure that NO ONE washed potatoes in the public pump.
You imagine that?

Scuse me luv wot you doing?
Just washing these spuds mister.
Right your nicked!!


Scuse me mate, them your pigs?
Yeah just let them out for a run
Right your nicked!


The Overseers made sure no one entertained vagrants, and the chimney lookers made sure that everyone swept their chimneys.


Oi, you give that tramp that cuppa?
Right your nicked!


Good old days eh!!

It was because Masonry was flourishing so well back in the1880's that several very eminent, and already well established Cheshire Masons met in a pub in Altrincham and thought up the idea of starting a brand new Lodge.

One of those men, was still a relative youngster Masonic wise.

The man was Alan De Tatton Egerton, the son of Lord Egerton soon to become the Provincial Grand Master for Cheshire.
Allan had been Initiated into Stamford Lodge a few years previously, and many of the founders of De Tatton Lodge also came from Stamford Lodge.

So perhaps you can see why everyone wanted to be in this new Lodge, because it was fairly obvious that one day Alan De Tatton would rise fairly quickly and not only Masonically, and people tend to cling to those who
are in such a fortunate situation.
(nothing changed there then!!)

In September 1886 Alan De Tatton Egerton was just a Master Mason, but he was Senior Warden of Stamford Lodge, and became Worshipful Master of Stamford Lodge in 1887.
He was never the Master of De Tatton Lodge.
But he and thirteen other men founded the lodge and I bet it would have been interesting to hear their discussions as to what name to call it!!

They would have been sat in the first gas lit pub in Altrincham, the Unicorn, where it had been the duty of the Constable at the time, early evening, to light the outside gas lamp, and wow, what a performance that was every night, people came from miles around just to see him do it.
(They musn't have got out very much!!)

The fourteen of them sat around the big wooden table drinking ale, although I suspect one or two of them had a tumbler or two of whiskey!

There was a roaring log fire in the corner, it was a pleasant atmosphere, they were all good friends. A discussion ensued where they debated amongst other things what to call the new Lodge.

Josiah Drinkwater suggested 'Plumbers Lodge',
George Bowan, who by the way was the Mayor of Altrincham, said,' No, thats silly, lets call it 'Iron Road Lodge'
(well he may have done!!)
(Significant to some of our current members who came from Iron Road Lodge in East Lancs)
George you see was an Ironmonger.
Alf Ingham was scribbling notes in a little book, he was always writing something, he was a journalist and ran the local paper, the Altrincham Advertiser.

Colonel Munn coughed, they all looked at him, as he tweeked his mustache, he took a sip from his whiskey glass, removed his monocle from his eye and in his loud authoritarian voice said, ' The Lodge should be called after me, 'Munn Lodge', he paused for a second, waiting for his idea to sink in with the others. 'yep that sounds just right.' as he muted the name again and nodded to the others waiting for their approval.

He was a man not used to not getting his own way!

'Er I don't think so Colonel' said Edwin Simpson, 'why should we call it after you?'

The Colonel began to splutter.Everybody called him Colonel, even I think his wife!!

Then Fred Johnson, said,' I know lets call it Diamond Lodge!' Fred you see was a jeweller!
Whereupon he probably received a tap on his shin under the table from the man sat opposite him, Josiah Drinkwater,
you see, was a plumber!!

oh come on... you'll have to be quicker than that!!!

Eli Morgan an Estate Agent suggested 'Pleasant View Lodge'
(Good job he didn't work for Bridgefords!)

They all had ideas,
Bill Bostock, who had come all the way from All Saints near Longsight had premises in Grafton Street, a very posh area then.
(You need a body guard and an armoured personell carrier to walk round there now!!)
Suggested the Hatters Lodge.
(You think maybe he supported Stockport County?)
((So HE was their fan!!))

I know its cruel.

The Reverend Hodgson, the vicar of St Margarets Church, and the Provincial Chaplain, who up to now had been listening quietly, said that Colonel Munns idea had in part been a good one.
They all gasped.
'What?' are you mad?'
'Munn Lodge? Get real Vicar'
James Hunt Landlord of a nearby pub said 'you must be joking Reverend'
Colonel Munn looked as though he was about to explode!
'Oh yes about calling it Munn Lodge, that wouldn't do at all,' continued the Vicar,
'no I mean we should call it after one of us'
'But who?' said Alf Pierce, Alf had already thought of a few names himself, like Rose Lodge, or School Lodge, only because he was the schoolmaster at Rose Hill School Bowdon.

'Someone who's name will be remembered for a long long time' He replied.

They all looked of course over to Alan who had been quietly sipping his drink.
Alan De Tatton sat back a bit of a smug grin on his face, took a drink from his mug, looked round the table at his friends and said, ' thought you'd say that, bloody Plumbers lodge indeed!' giving Josiah a look.

Well that agreed then, that OK with you Colonel?'
'Of course ma boy' said the Colonel, 'what a splendid idea, so what's it to be, Alan Lodge eh, or Egerton Lodge?'

Not far from the truth was he?

They all smiled and drank to the good fortune and prosperity of this newly found lodge-
De Tatton Lodge.

Oh yes I'd better tell those of you who don't know, Alan Lodge and Egerton Lodge would follow years later!

Whatever happened that night the result is history.

The necessary paperwork was eventually completed and the fourteen men signed the petition which went down to London for the Warrant to be issued and our Lodge was entered onto the roll of Lodges with our number 2144.

The Consecration of the new Lodge was scheduled to take place on 20th September 1886.

Those fourteen men were:
Alan De Tatton Egerton
Edwin Simpson
Eli Morgan
George Bowan
Alf Pearce
Alf Ingham
Fred Johnson
Colonel Munn
Josiah Drinkwater
John Hunt
James Harrison
William Bostock
James Sudren
Reverend R Hodgson

After the consecration in 1886 De Tatton Lodge flourished with the first meeting taking
place at the Griffin Hotel Bowdon where the new Master Edwin Simpson did three Initiations.

(Can you image THAT nowdays?)

Edwin for some reason did Two years as WM, despite there being many who could have taken over and there is no record as to why that was.

At his second Installation in October 1887 there was an impressive list of visitors.
Alan De Tatton Egerton was there and he is shown as a PSGW, which to those of you
who don't know is pretty high up in the ranking structure, and a Provincial Grand Officer,
where only two years previous he was only a Master Mason.

So it's not what you know-
Who's your Dad!!!

Along with Alan De Tatton, was a man called Richard Newhouse, now Richard was himself a very respected Cheshire Mason and was in fact the Provincial Secretary and formed the main Character in my
Manuscript of Stamford Chapters 125th Anniversary.

At this meeting Edwin Simpson the WM and also WM Elect had been Promoted to Provincial Rank at PGJD, so he was our first promoted Provincial Officer.

January 9th 1888 was a sad day for Cheshire Masonry because Lord De Tabley our
RW PGM Passed away, and soon after Lord Egerton of Tatton took over as Provincial
Grand Master.
He was the father of Alan De Tatton.

At the installation in October 1889 we had out second visit from a Provincial Grand Master, when the newly Appointed PGM visited.
The PGM came again in 1911 but we would
however have to wait until 1986 for our next visit!!

I think it is important that when you read this History, you remember the era these men lived in.

The new Century got under way with The Rt Hon Earl Egerton of Tatton, the PGM standing down because of ill health and Alan his son taking over.
His Investiture was
at Chester on 17th December 1900.

Shortly after this, as you will all probably know was the death of the Sovereign,
Queen Victoria on February 13th.

By 1900 the lodge had been in operation 14 years and during that time the membership had risen from the Original 14 Founders to 125, and the 125th Member
is Aston Broughton,

The last member to join in the 19th Century was James Bowden who joined in
November 1899 and he was a Contracts Manager living in Cheetham Hill.

One of our Past Masters, you will see is George Bucktrout who was a Provincial Officer, yet Aston Broughton was not. This is still a mystery and on 12th April 1905 George was raised to a Master Mason, whereas Aston had already been in the Lodge for 5 years by that time.

In October 1911 we had a visit from the PGM Egerton of Tatton at the installation of
Bro Joshua Dumville Halliday, who joined in 1902 when he was 41, he was a manager living in Hale.

These are the years now approaching the First World War, with the Titanic disaster
and the lodge donating £1.15s.6d to the disaster fund.

The actual outbreak of the war is surprisingly not mentioned at all in the minutes, but
our Treasurer Edwin Simpson retired due to ill health.

But in February of 1916 something very sinister happened!
Back in 1912, on 13th November to be precise,
Bro. Menechane Levy was initiated.
He lived on Moseley Road Manchester and was a Restaurant Proprietor,
but four years later in 1916 hewas accused of being a possible Alien Enemy!!


You'll have to read a bit further on to see what happened to him.....

So here we are 1916, the Lodge is 20 years old, and during that time the total number
of members brought into the lodge was 230.
Obviously there were not 230 members AT THAT TIME.

But it interesting to note that of those 230 men there was every occupation imaginable.

Here are just a few:
Insurance Agent, Insurance Superintendent, Flour Salesman, Boot maker, Clerk,
Cashier, Banker, Baker, Butcher, Innkeeper, Pharmacist, Teacher,
Professor, Marine Engineer, Merchant, Grocer, Electrical Engineer, Police Sergeant, Police Constable,
Police Inspector
Tax Collector, Wine merchant, Gas Engineer, Estate Agent
Clergyman, Jeweler,Plumber
and not forgetting
two Gentlemen!

The 230th Member was Albert Pole who was 29 when he joined on 8th November 1916.
He lived in Hale and was a Foreign Representative.
(whatever that means!!)

You know you have to 21 to join Masonry, yet on
10th October 1917
two men joined who were both just over 18yrs.
Frank Sinclair Allin who was 18yrs 4months and
Francis Harold Littler who was 18yrs six months.
They were both Privates in the Army and were given dispensation to join, but both
were 'Lewis's', which means they were the sons of a Mason.

October 1918
Nearing the end of the First World War
and sadly the death of Edwin Simpson our
First Worshipful Master.

Another founder Member and the man whose name we took
Baron Egerton of Tatton, known to his friends as
Alan De Tatton Egerton
Passed away on September 9th 1920.

Then in the October at the Installation of Isaac Toft
there were 123 Brethren present.
Now that ain't bad I can tell you!

On 25th January 1922 36 members of De Tatton Lodge decided to form another Lodge
Altrincham Lodge 4369.

Remember Brother Levy? Well on 13th April 1927, only 11years after he was accused of being a spy, he was re-instated on the instruction of Grand Lodge.
Bet he was dead chuffed--only waiting 11years for the powers that be to decide he
wasn't a baddie after all!!

I think I'd've told em where to stuff their Instruction!!

January 1927 and yet another Lodge is created using 5 members of De Tatton.
St Baldreds Lodge 4872

Then in October
Bowden Lodge was consecrated with 10 Members of
De Tatton being Founders.
Two of the members being Fred and John Southern,
for some reason Bowden Lodge Summons had miss-spelt the name
of John Mansell Southern
showing it as John Mansell Saunders!
Dont worry when I spotted their error I told them.

The two surviving Founder Members, Alf Ingham and Fred Johnson were made
Honorary Members in December 1930.

In 1931 there were 24 members.

And in July 3 members of De Tatton were founder members of
Rectitude Lodge 5271

Here's a landmark in our history.
The 50th Anniversary.

Special dispensation was given for
Arthur William Turner, who had been a founder member of
St. Baldreds Lodge and
their current WM to also take the chair in this Anniversary year of De Tatton.
We moved the following year form meeting at the Unicorn Hotel to the Brooklands Hotel.

1938 saw yet another group of Nine from De Tatton being founder members of
Haven Lodge 5710

1939 saw the outbreak of World War Two and all Masonic meetings in the Province, or in the Country were supposed to be suspended.
But we just carried on as though nothing was happening!

January 11th 1938 saw our last Founder Member pass away
W.Bro Fred Johnson. And a bit further on you can read a bit more about him and see what he looked like!


Who were all these men?
What did they do, where did they live and what did they look like?

Well I can answer some of those questions.

We have photos of
Alan De Tatton when he became Provincial Grand Master succeeding his Father, and like I mentioned earlier, one of Fred Johnson, but as for the other founders or early Past Masters or members we have none.

When someone joins Masonry he has to declare, amongst others things what his job is, so here is what Alan De Tatton said, and he wasn't the only one throughout our history.

Alan De Tatton said he was a 'Gentleman'
I mean if that were today the committee members would say, 'Yes Alan, but what do you DO for a living?'
He may very well have said,' Well I sit about a lot, read my paper, have lunch, tell people what to do, sign a letter or two (which is strenuous I can tell you!), read my golf mag, sit around some more then go home'


Bit like a Police Superintendent then!
(Which reminds me, as I digress for a second, when a news reporter interviewed a Police Superintendent and asked him, 'what exactly do
you do?' Whereupon the Superintendent now full of his own importance, puffed out his fat chest and replied,' When the Chief Superintendent is away, I am in charge.' The smug look on his face confirming his charisma by-pass was working overtime!
The smart News reporter instantly retorted' So when the Chief Superintendent is there you do absolutely nothing!')


When you see photos of men in that era with their stiff starched collars and dark suits, many look
as though they'd bite your head off.


'Grumpy old men?'

Well I bet some of them were, bit like today!!

One thing I am sure about, they were all, without exception, Honest
good men.



The Past Masters

So here they all are listed as they are in our members register.

I have included items of History throughout the world
just to give you a perspective of what
else was happening in relation to the
dates shown.

Member Number 1 and our First WM in 1886/87 and again in 1887/88
Edwin Simpson
was a Manufacturer. Of what we know not! He lived at the Old Cottage Bowdon, moving to Boston Street Moss Side.
(Can you image anyone living in Bowdon now moving to Moss Side?)
Edwin died on 13th October 1918.

Two things were invented in 1886
Mr Dunlop invented his Tyre
Aluminium was made from Bauxite
in 1887
Manchester Town Hall was built
and a little more macabre
on 31st August 1888 Jack the Ripper's fist victim was found
and a month later he struck twice in one night.

Member Number 2 our 2nd WM in 1888/89
Eli Morgan
was No. 2 and was an Estate Agent. He lived at Stamford Cottage Bowdon

Member Number 3 our 3rd WM 1889/90
George Bowan
An Ironmonger, living in Altrincham and had his shop on George Street Altrincham. George was a Councillor in the borough of Altrincham and in 1885 became the Mayor of Altrincham.

Member Number 4 but was Never WM In De Tatton
He was WM in Cope Lodge in 1855
Alf Pearce
Was a Schoolteacher living in Rose Hill Bowdon
He was also the secretary and Treasurer of the first croquet club in the Bowdon area which had been founded in 1873 which is thought to make it the seventh oldest croquet club in the country. It was, incidentally, at its formation or soon afterwards, constituted as a limited company; probably one of the very earliest so created in the country. The ground had previously been used by the Bowdon Cricket Club, originally formed in the summer of 1856, by a few men who started practicing on land at Rose Hill, where later a Wesleyan Chapel and then a school run by Alf were built.
The surviving minutes of the croquet club date from 1885 and although references to croquet are sparse, a few items of interest are recorded.
Members were only permitted to bring individual guests on two occasions in any one year. On 12th June, 1907, the members decided to convert the croquet lawns into tennis courts.

By 1909, tennis had gained predominance and at another meeting on 1st April that year, it was resolved to change the name of the club to The Bowdon Bowling and Tennis Club. It is interesting to note that part of the ground was donated by a neighboring resident and covenanted to remain an open space to be used for sport. This decision resulted in 1911, in a group breaking away to found the Bowdon Croquet Club, on the site it still occupies.

Number 5 and our 4th WM in 1890/91
Alf Ingham
Alfred Ingham FRHS was born in Illingworth, Yorkshire in 1849 and became a journalist. He set himself up as a local bookseller, stationer, publisher and historian. He lived at 6 Norman’s Place, Altrincham and had his shop at 84 George Street. He published the ‘Altrincham Advertiser’ and in 1896 wrote ‘A History of Altrincham and Bowdon’
(Which I read and gleamed more local information)
Numbers 2 to 8 Norman Place are about 1810 and are listed buildings. They were designed to a high standard for one person and a servant.
They have barrel-vaulted cellars extending under the back yard, lead gutters and Regency porches. The builder also put in a well which collapsed during building but all were saved.
Alf was the first Member to resign from the lodge and did so on 12th September 1892.
But there is more of him later.....

Number 6 our 5th WM in 1891/92
Fred Johnson
A Jeweler living in Springfield Road Altrincham and he is the only Founder that we have a Photo of as he appears on the 50th Anniversary photo, where he must have so proud, because on that date in 1936 he had witnessed two hundred and eighty eight men join the lodge.
Now not many others can boast that even today!

Number 7
Colonel Munn
Classed himself as a Gentleman.
He unlike everyone else who gave a specific address just showed himself living in Bowdon! and we dont even know his Christian name.

Member number 8
Josiah Drinkwater
at No.7 was a Plumber, and had shop premises
in Altrincham of which we have a photo later.

Member number 9
John Hunt
No 8 was an Innkeeper in Bowdon

Member number 10
James Harrison
at No.9 was a Clerk and we don't know where he

Member number 11
William Bostock
at No.10 was a manufacturer and he lived in
Grafton Street in Longsight Manchester. How on earth did he get to

Member number 12
James Sudren
No.11 was an Innkeeper living in Salford.
Remember there were no cars then!

Member number 13
The Reverend R Hodgson
Was the vicar of St Margarets Church and he lived in the vicarage at Dunham Massey
and again we don't know what his Christian name was.
But from the Minute books in 1887 he is shown as the Provincial Chaplain.

Member Number 14
Alan De Tatton Egerton
He was, as you might have guessed a, 'Gentleman' and he lived at the
Manor House at Rostherne.


Our first new member and number 15 on our register was a man called Thomas Gibson, but he and the next 19 members never became WM of our Lodge. Of those 19 two were Masters in other Lodges.

They were in order: with number 16:
Thomas Land an Insurance Manager: James Carpenter Insurance Agent: William Urquart a Buyer:Richard Ackley who was another Gentleman!:
Charles Swinn a druggist from Moss Lane Moss Side (He'd've done well now wouldnt he?)
Thomas Cavanagh a cabinet maker: George Richardson who made saddles: Charles Sherwin a farmer: B. Barron and A Dippie both joining members from Humphry Chetham Lodge Number 645:J Acker another joining member from St Davids Lodge 1149: John Lewis a Baker: E Williams an Accountant: C. Duckworth: A.R. Jury Hotel Keeper: J Wood another hotel Keeper: H.O.Crosby a draper: J.B.Mercer:

and at 34
on our register is Ernest Corby a buyer:

The next WM after Fred Johnson was
Member Number 35 and our 6th WM in 1892/93
John Goulding
Our WM in 1892, he was a cashier living on Marsland Road Sale. And interestingly he was initiated on 21st March 1887, passed in April and raised in May and six years later was WM!

1st January 1894 the Manchester Ship Canal was opened

Member Number 36 and Our 7th WM in 1893/94
William Morris.
He his number 36 on our register and was a maker of Boots and his shop premises were at 57 George Street Altrincham.

The next three members never became WM, Ernest Loyd Kenyon who was a clerk, the next member worked with Alf Ingham, who you recall ran the local paper in Altrincham and John Crawshaw was its editor and our 38th Member: J Knox was a traveller at number 39.

Member Numbers 37 and 38 and 39 :
Ernest Loyd Kenyon a clerk and
J. Crawshaw the editor of the Altrincham Advertiser with
Alf Ingham his boss.
J Knox was a traveller.

Member Number 40 and 8th WM in 1894/5
William Moody
He was a tax collector and accountant and his business premises were on Market street Altrincham. William was a joining member from Earl Of Chester Lodge No.1565

Member numbers 41 to 50 are:
William Doherty a tailer: James Harry Lowe Hotel manager: Hugh Watson a schoolmaster: W.H.Pugh a Vet: John Rourke a manager: James Paton another Vet: John Simpson a solicitor: Ezra Morris a wine merchant: JC Brook a grocer: and at number 50 W.Forster a music teacher.

28th September 1895
Simon Marks and Tom Spencer
opened a penny bazaar in Manchester

Member Number 51 and 9th WM in 1895/96
Sarkis Elizarian
He was 44 when he was initiated in September 1889 and he originated in Armenia. He was a Merchant by trade living then in Heald Place Bowdon.

Member Number 52
is William Allwood and no one knows why he did not go through the chair but the next member did:

Number 53 and 10th WM in 1896/97
William GREGG
A secretary living at 51 Mary Street High Town Manchester, he was 22 when he joined on on 11th November 1889 and passed away on 13th November 1909.

54,55,and 56 are:
Thomas Hancock an Auctioneer: WH Hadfield a Tax Collector, and John Frederick Smith a Post Master.

Number 57 and 11th WM in 1897/98
Charles was a corresponding clerk then got promoted to Manager, he lived in Old Trafford and joined in March 1891

The next five Members were:58,59,60,61,and 62
Jabez Dowby an Inspector: John Bradbury a wine merchant: William Kay a brewer: William Norton Medlicott a journalist, and at number 62 was Frank Clement Benton who was a merchant.

Member Number 63 and 12th WM in 1898/99
John Albert LORD
John was 27 when he joined in January 1892, he was a boot manufacturer living on Wilbrahan Road Chorton Cum Hardy.
He was our 12th Worshipful Master in 1898/99

Member Numbers 64 to 69 are:
Arthur Oxley an Innkeeper: James Atkinson a manager: George William Marton an engineers foreman: Fred Smart a Tutor: Peter Nicol a commission agent and at number 69 was Harold Kearsley a Banker.

Member Number 70 and 13th WM in 1899/1900
Mathew Henry WELLS
Mathew joined the Lodge on 10th October 1893 and became Master in 1899.
He was an Oil Merchant and lived on Peel Causeway in Bowdon.

14th April 1900 the first working escalator was made by Otis at the Paris Exhibition

Member numbers 71 to 76
Abraham Howarth a merchant: Henry Fowness a gas engineer now he joined on April 10th 1893 and at his passing on May 8th his brother Walter Alexander Fowness joined from Blair Lodge 875, he too was a gas engineer.
At 74 Thomas Nangreave a railway clerk:
H. Desboro a buyer: and at 76 George Sourbutts who was a professor of the Violin!

Member Number 77 and 14th WM. in 1900/01
Henry O. LORD
Henry joined when he was 34 on Nov 13th 1893.
He was an Agent living at 34 Great Clewes Street

Louis Armstrong was born to become another Freemason
also the Queen Mother was born, and
In Galveston Texas 8000 people were killed during one night when a ferocious storm struck with wind speeds in excess of 125mph.

Member numbers 78 to 83 are:
John Bunnan was a colour Sergeant in The Cheshire Regiment: George Lyons a journalist::
Franz Sherman Kranze a manager:
Now the next member is shown as 77½ -Frederick Rohlederer a hotel proprietor.
(Why? I dont know)
at 81 is Silas Southern, the was a baker and flour dealer living in Bowdon and the reason I mention him is that he joined on Nov 12th 1894 followed by his son John in 1895, sadly Silas died in June 1897, but his Grandson Fred joined later.
At 82 is Harry Robert Pool who was an Agent, and at 83:
Sidney Madguirk a boot manufacturer:

Jan 22 1901 Queen Victoria died at the age of 82

Member Number 84 and 15th WM in 1901/02
George Thomas APPLETON
George joined on Aug 12th 1895, he was a buyer and lived on Oxford street Old Trafford.

Member Number 85
is Howarth Bailey a wine merchant,

Member number 86 and 16th WM in 1902/03
John Mansell SOUTHERN
John as I mentioned earlier was the son of Silas, he was a manager living on Peel Causeway Bowdon.
He along with his brother Fred and eight others were amongst those who founded Bowdon Lodge in 1927.

The Boer War ended

Member numbers 87 to 95
Peter Wesley Whiteside an Insurance Inspector: Michael Salt was a joining member from Prince Lepold Lodge and was a Provisions merchant.: Thomas Slack was another joining member from Devonshire Lodge:George Owen was a contractor: H.Stevens was an Organist: Edwin Clayton was a wine merchant: C.H.I.A.Ludeck was a manager: J.H. Sidebottom was a Gentleman and at 95 was Arthur Nish who was a manager.

Member number 96 and 17th WM in 1903/4
Harry HILL
Harry was 25 when he joined on 8th June 1896 he was a salesman and used to live on Shrewsbury Street Moss Side

This was a time when Orville and Wilber started something that changed the world.

Member numbers 97, 98 and 99 are
Auguste Mede a manager: Christian Wilhelm Hugo Schmidt another manager: Arthur Shaw Robershand a hotel Proprietor.

Now the next WM is number 106 and for some reason is way out of sequence.
so our 18th WM in 1904/5 is:
Henry Molyneux SHARROCK
Henry was a flour merchant living in Sale. He joined on 12th May 1897 and was raised on 14th July 1897.

Einstein produced his theory of relativity

Member number 100 and 19th WM in 1905/6
Charles Prince HILL
Charles was a caterer when he joined us in 11 January 1897 and he lived at 28 Wilbraham Road Chorlton Cum Hardy,

So to fill in those missing names
Member numbers 101 and 105;
Captain Duncan Leonard Addison who was a captain in the Merchant Navy: John Hill a house furnisher: James Bradley Birch a Hotel manager: George Birch (not known if they were related but they were both initiated on the same day so I suspect they were brothers) George was a Musical Instrument dealer: and at 105 Ernest Alfred Frost a hotel Manager.

1906 London Road Fire Station is completed, consisting of housing for Firemen amongst them one of our members, The Coroners Court, and for a time a police station.
Now a listed building.

Member numbers 107 and 108
Joseph Martin Laner a commercial traveller and Simon Samuels a Tailors manager

Member number 109 and 20th WM in 1906/07
Now Alf was a sanitary Engineer- make what jokes you will cos I bet he'd heard them all!!
He joined in November 1897 and lived at 34 Kensington Road Chorlton Cum Hardy.

Member numbers 110 to 113
William Booth a cashier: Abraham Waddington Eastwood an Art Decorator: AAron Jacobson a manufacturer and at 113 was Robert Hardwick Percival who was a merchant.

An earthquake shatters San Fransisco

Member number 114 and 21st WM in 1907/08
Interestingly him and Alf Banton were next door neighbors as Joseph lived at 32 Kensington Road. He was a contractor and joined the Lodge on 24th February 1898

The next ten members number from
115 to 124
Henry Francis Saint a contractor: Fred Ernest Baggaley a boot and shoe factor: William Cartwright a lath manufacturer: Thomas Parker a grocer: James Bowdon a contractors manager: Frederick Samuel Green an Insurance manager: George William Fernley an Electrical engineer: Max Seidel who was the manager of the Albion Hotel in Piccadilly:
James John Mawdsley a commercial traveller: and at 124 Arthur Clement Wright a manufacturer

125 comes later.-much later why we know not!

Member number 126 and our 22nd WM in 1908/9
Harry Walter ASHLEY
Harry was a manager and joined on 1st June 1901
He lived at 11 Gloucester Road Wilmslow.

Member numbers 127 to 132
Harry Clarke a contractor: Nicholas Coulouris was a confectioner: Francis John Osmond was a Colour Sergeant Instructor in The Cheshire Regiment and it looks like he was posted out to Madras where he received his GL Certificate:
Samuel Bostock a printer: James Fryer a baker and flour dealer: and at 132 George Henry Raison who was a superintendent at Henshawe's Blind Asylum :

Member number 133 and our 23rd WM in 1909/10
Samuel Arthur RHODES
Samuel was 47 when he joined in April 1902.
He was a Bakers oven builder and lived at 121 Hyde Road Ardwick.

Louis Bleriot crosses channel by air in 1909
The Freemason Robert Peary reaches the North Pole

Member numbers 134 and 135 are:
Issac Evensonan engineer and William Mellor a Civil Servant whose address is shown as PO Box 1052 East London and South Africa!

In 1910 The British Empire controlled one fifth of the World Land area
Black and Decker began selling their tools

Member number 136 and our 24th WM in 1910/11
Fred as I mentioned earlier was the brother of John Mansell WM back in 1902.
Fred joined when he was 24 in November 1902 so he must have been initiated by his brother John.
He was a manager living at Spring Cottage Hale.
Now Fred, his brother John and eight other members of De Tatton in 1927 formed Bowdon Lodge No4943.
It was consecrated on 15th October 1927.
But Fred never attended one meeting sadly because he died on 8th October 1927 seven days before it was consecrated.

March 26 1910
If you were poor,an anarchist a criminal or you were poorly-
then dont even think about going to the US of A

Member number 137 and 0ur 25th WM in 1911/12
Joshua Dumville HOLIDAY
Joshua was a manager living in Hale.
He was 41 when he joined in November 1902.
And did he have a surprise at his Installation when none other than Alan De Tatton Egerton Provincial Grand Master arrived presumably with other members of Provincial Grand Lodge

The Titanic hit an Iceberg.
and Arizona and New Mexico become part of the United States.

Now we can put back number 125 who is
our 26th WM in 1912/13
Aston joined in November 1900, was an accountant living on Stamford Street Brook Bar.
Why others overtook him to the WM Chair is a mystery.

The synthetic resin PVC, polyvinyl chloride, was first produced
Henry Ford began making his Model T in Trafford Park

Member Numbers138 to 149
Thomas Hepworth was a salesman: Charles Edward Fiddler was a manager: Edward Bailey Jnr was a Hay ,straw and Corn dealer: Richard Broughton was a superintendent on the Lagos railways (he had a fair to to come didn't he!!)
George Beddor Palmer was a decorator and he lived in Blackpool: John Waterhouse was a baker and corn miller: Andrew Ross Hogarth was a hotel proprietor: Saud Hartley was a boot manufacturer: George Thompson was an advertising manager: George Oppenheim was a buyer:
Lazerous Mendel was a rainproof manufacturer
and at 149 we have William Jack Hill who was a manager.

Member number 150 and our 27th WM in 1913/14
Robert was 30 when he joined in February 1904. He was a Master Butcher and lived at 344 Stretford Road.

Hovis began making their 'Brown Bread'

Members151 and 152 are
William Chapman an Accountant and
Edwin Kelsall an engineer

The First World War
The war to end all wars-oh yeah since then there hasn't been one day
on this planet when some country has not been at war with another!

Member 153 and our 28th WM in 1914/15
William George BUCKTROUT
William was a provisions dealer and lived at 178 Brunswick Street. He joined on 8th February 1905

The Zip fastener was invented around this time

Member numbers 154 155 and 156 are:
Thomas Henry Newton a manager: Alfred Gerorge Gainsford STOTT an Inspector and George Redgale Ashcroft was a licensed Victualler

Member Number 157 and our 29th WM in 1915/16
Frank was an electrical engineer living in Altrincham, He joined the lodge on November 8th 1905.

January 29th 1916
Rasputin is shot by Prince Felix Yussoupov
thus bringing down the Russian Empire

The next three Members are
158,159 and 160
Frank Robinson was an India Rubber merchant (oh yeah!!)
Now remember this guy- Alfred Ingham, only one of our founders and was in fact number 5 and our 4th WM and if you recall he resigned in 1892, well here he is back on November 8th 1905 rejoining, wonder why he left for three years? Anyway he resigned again five years later on November 9th 1910.
Number 160
is Arthur Balshaw was a cashier.

Member number 161 was WM and comes a bit later on

Member number 162
was James Kirkham a master butcher

Member number 163 was WM and comes later on-

Member numbers 164 to 167
George Herbert Laimbeer was a green and provision dealer: William Henry Irlam was a Mason and Contractor: George Morton was a builders contractor and at 167 was George Thomas Pewtress a mechanic.

Member number 168 and our 30th WM in 1916/17
Frederick Charles ALLIN
Fred was a paper and twine merchant. He joined on 8th April 1908 and lived in Beswick.

General Sir Douglas Haig takes over the British Army
and what a cracking job he did- on one day during the Battle of the Somme he sent
young troops, some only 15yrs old to face the might of the German aritllery-
This Brave General-sat in his plush office somewhere safe heard that on that one day over 19,000 troops had been slaughtered by his sheer incompetance.

Members 169, 170 and 171 are:
Arthur Street who was a builder: Alfred Littler an Insurance manager, was WM of Timperley Lodge in 1913.
and AAron Jacobson a manufacturer.

Member Number 172 and our 31st WM in 1917/18
Fred like his brother at 170 was also an Insurance Superintendent. Fred lived at148 Grey Mare Lane Gorton
He joined the Lodge on 10th March 1909 whereas his older brother Alf had joined the previous year.

February 6th 1918
a day to remember or a day to bang your head on a brick wall?
Women over 30 got the right to Vote
(where will it all end!!)

Member Number 173 and our 32nd WM in 1918/19
Arthur Kershawe
Master cabinet Maker, and his son also called Arthur joined Stamford Lodge and Stamford Chapter.

May 1918
A flu epidemic which started in Fort Riley Kansas where it killed 48 men was taken to Europe by Soldiers where it mutated and eventually killed 20 Million people

Member 174
is Frank Stewart Whitehorn Now he was a manager in a Corset works. (Bet he kept things together!)

November 11th 1918
A date we still remember with dignity and sorrow

Member number 175 and our 33rd WM in 1919/20
Isaac Redfern TOFT
Isaac joined us on 12th May 1909 and was a draper and Insurance agent living at 24 Oldham Road Miles Platting

January 16th 1920 Prohibition began in the US
no alcohol

We can go back to member number 163
with our 34th WM in 1920/21
Bartholomew FURSE
Bartholomew joined on 11th September 1907 when he was 29. He was a Board of Trade Officer and lived at 126 Wilton Street Salford. He died in October 1957.

June 13th 1920
A day that saved many children in the USA
when the Government made it illegal to send children through the post!!

Member numbers176 to 179
Lazerous Mendel was a manufacturer:
Then we have three brothers joining on the same night on
9th June 1909
Arthur Poole was a commercial clerk
George Poole was a bank clerk
and Edgar Poole a civil Service clerk
all three were passed on the same day and raised on the same day.

member 180 comes later

Huge problems with the Anglo-Irish conflicts as the IRA Sinn Fein leader
Michael Collins goes to Number 10

member 181 and our 35th WM in 1921/22
William Bryan TAYLOR
William was a hotel manager, and was 33 when he too joined with the Poole Brothers and Harry Smith in an Initiation ceremony of FIVE candidates on 9th June 1909.

Right we go back to Member number 161
and our 36th WM in 1922/23
Ernest William PEACHEY
Now Ernest was 28 when he joined back in March 1906.
He was a Branch Manager.
He joined many other lodges and was the founder of Bowdon Lodge amongst others where he became its First Senior Warden in October 1927.

He first lived at 3 Brookfield Place Chorlton on Medlock. And during the course of the next few years he moved 8 times, first to Upper Brook Street,
Grosvenor Street, then to Clayton, Stanley Grove Longsight, LLoyd Street Moss Side, and his last address was
7 Sunny Bank Road Longsight.
He died on 6th February 1940

January 23 1922 Insulin was used for the first time after 9 months experimentation
in Canada by Dr J Collip

Members 182.183 and 184
William Lawton was a Superintendent in the Prison Service:
Herbert Dugdale was a Lieutenant in the RAMC based in South Africa.
and at 184 was Frank Taylor a public entertainer.

Member 185 and our 37th WM in 1923/24
Harry was an Agent (of what we know not) He joined on 10th November 1909 and lived at 143 Stamford Road Brooks Bar (a posh name for the top end of Moss Side!)

Back to Member 180 and our 38th WM in 1924/25
Harry was an insurance agent living at 52 Albert Street Harpurhey. He joined the lodge 9th June 1909.
He died on 25th March 1938.

February 13 1924 Tutankhamen's tomb was opened
having being discoverd by Howard Carter
on January 3rd

Member numbers 186 to 198:
Charles Audry Lector Loughley was an under-manager: George Albert Holden was an Hotel Proprietor:
Hiram Robinson was a nurseryman and market gardener:
John Hegarty was an Agent:
Harkis Kudar Sakharam RAN was a science student:
Oscar Forster a manager: John Ashworth a joiner:
Harry Charles Walter Ward a goods agent:
Frank Lord was an Insurance inspector: Alan Galt a builder:
Saud Mendel a jeweller: Francis Fogg an engineer
and at 198 George Lloyd Craine was a pharmacist

Member Number 199 and our 39th WM in 1925/26
Richard Jack Sowden
Richard was a Marine surveyor and Master Mariner
He joined on 12th June1912 and lived at 70 Cork Street Old Trafford

Member number 200
Ernest Scofield was a tailor

March 26th 1926 the first transatlantic phone call was made between New York and London
and on May 3rd 1926 the General Strike Started which lasted until 12th.

Member Number 201 and our 40th WM in 1926/27
Thomas Harrison CLARKE
Thomas was an inurance agent living in Harpurhey. He was 38 when he joined on 10th July 1912.

August 5th 1926 Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim
the English Channel beating Captain Webbs record by 7 hours.

Member numbers 202 to 206
George Beresford was a professor of Music:
Richard Victor Royle was a wine merchant:
William Prescott was a clerk in His Majesty's Customs:
Augustus Daniel Crowe was a boot manufacturer:
and at 206 Menachen Levy who owned a restaurant:

Member Number 207 and our 41st WM in 1927/28
Thomas Harry JOHNSON
Thomas was an Insurance superintendent and was 50 when he joined in December 1912 and lived in Worsley. He died January 1934.

September 1st 1928 Ahmed Zogu pronounced he was now to be known as King Zog 1st of Albania
Jews and Arabs in conflict in Palestine
(nothing changes does it!!)

Member numbers 208 to 212
William Witter was a master butcher:Charles Leonard Jones a salesman: James Edwin Thompson was a marine engineer:
John Howard Packwood was a Master Rigger:
and at 212 was John Bradshaw was a confectioner.

Member number 213 and our42nd WM in 1928/29
Charles was a flour salesman and lived at 94 School Road Sale.
He joined on 12th November 1913.
He was made an Honory Member in 1978 and sadly died on 14th January 1979
June 18 1928 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly
across the Atlantic

here now follows a massive gap before our next WM so Member Numbers from 214 to 248 are as follows.
But many of these became WM in other Lodges as I show:
214 is Robert Herbert Evans was a foreman: Christopher Applewhite was a master Butcher: Ernest Lee was a baker:
and WM Altrincham Lodge1926/27.
Thomas Moore was a clerk of Works: George Frederick Allsop was a municipal officer:
Thomas Bond a hotel manager and WM Altrincham Lodge 1927/28
Ernest Woodhouse a cashier: George Hoyle an insurance agent: George Kinber another insurance agent was WM Altrincham Lodge 1928/29
Herbert Foyster was a superintendent: Herbert Clow was a laundry proprietor: Luke Hampson was a pattern house manager:
Ernest Odlin was a master butcher and WM Altrincham Lodge 1929/30
Edward Mcardle a motor body foreman:
Joseph Packwood was a master rigger.
John Walker Rogers was an Insurance superintendent and was WM in Bowdon Lodge in 1929.
and at 230 we have Albert Pole who was a foreign Representative!
Evan Richards was a head berthing Master:
James Crompton was the Licensee of the Trafford Hotel:
John Haynes was a commercial Traveller
Frank Marsden a foundry Manager: Thomas Beswick was a master Butcher and WM in Altrincham Lodge in 1930/31
John Perkins Pickford a building manager: John LeGeyt a master mariner: Bernard Henderson was a foreman:
Now the next two are VERY special
Member number 239 and 240 are
Frank Sinclair Allin and
Francis Harold Littler.
Frank was 18yrs 4months and Francis 18yrs 8months both were the sons of members and were therefore Lewis's and both had been dispensation to be initiated on the same night on 19th October 1917 and both were Privates in His Majesty's Forces. The dispensation was signed by Alan De Tatton Egerton on 3rd October.
Still a fair way to go before our next WM so here we go again with 241:
Frank Severs was a manager of a Picture Palace:
Percy Selby was an optician and Jeweler:
George Forster was a District Officer in the Royal Engineers:
Richard James Burgess was a master butcher
James Berry a railway clerk: Joseph Rogers a commercial traveller: Harry Hazeldene Heaton owned a laundry
and last in this massive list at 248 is
Frederick Wetherell who was a foreman

The Manchester Masonic Hall at Bridge Street is built

Member Number 249 and our 43rd WM in 1929/30
William Hilton MALLALIEU
William was 35 when he joined 13th February 1918
He was a ladies and Gents outfitters and had his shop premises at 11-13 Moss Lane West
His Brother-in Law was Bartholemlew Furse who is member number 163 and was master back in 1920

Constantinople changed its name to Istanbul and
Angora to Ankara

Member Number 250 comes later

And again another huge list of members who never went through the Chair
So starting with 251:
Charles Kennedy was a lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps:
Harry Ousey was a cashier:
Landor Yates Hayes was a master Painter (Imagine Christening your son LANDOR?)
anyway moving on:
The Reverend John Christie Magee who you may have suspected was a clerk in Holy Orders!
Thomas Collins a foreman:
John Moffatt an engineer and was Master in Altrincham Lodge in 1932.
Tom Jackson an iron moulder: Charles Hall a sub PostMaster: John Walsh a music Hall Atriste:
Joe Milner was a Gentleman: Harry Donning an electrician:
William Henry Hewitt a butcher:
Hugh McGregor a purchasing agent:
Harry Milner was a salesman and was WM in Altrincham Lodge in 1931.
David Stewart was a flour foreman:
Herbert Brown was a senior cotton clerk:
Thomas Jackson was a body maker!
(wonder if he worked with Frankenstein?)
George King was a district Manager:
Robert William Cherry was a Motor engineer:
Rowland Kearsley a fruiterer: William Vivian Lewsley was a technical assistant:
and the last in this long is at
Member number 273 is John Walsh was a farmer.

Member Number 274 and our 44th WM in 1930/31
George Pickering COOP
George was a stock brokers clerk living on Rochdale Road Blakeley, He joined on 11th February 1920 and died September 1957.

October 18th 1931 Thomas Edison died

Member number 275 and our 45th WM in 1931/32
Harry too was a stockbrokers clerk and he joined a month after George Coop in March 1920, He lived in Moston.

January 23 1932 El Salvador Army shot 4000 protesting farmers

Right we can go back to
Member Number 250 and our 46th WM in 1932/33
Edward LOWE
Now Edward was 30 when he joined on 13th March 1918 and had a funny combination of jobs, he showed himself as a builder and beer retailer!

Here's a date to send a shudder down your spine
January 30th 1933
Hitler came to power

Member Numbers 276 to 279
Willamson Doleman was a clerk of works:Clarence Heap was a motor engineer: George Wadsworth was a works manager and Edward Hughes was a farmer:

Member Number 280 and our 47th WM in 1933/34
Henry Arthur BETTS
Henry was a Master tailor and lived in Moston.
He joined on 11th August 1920

Member numbers 281 and 282 are:
Joseph Holland a pipe manufacturer and William Scott a Merchant tailor

Member number 293 and our 48th WM in 1934/35
John was a stockbrokers cashier and lived in Moston
He joined on 8th December 1920.
He died on 31st May 1947

May 23 1935 Bonnie and Clyde were shot over four dozen times by Police for at least 13 murders

Member Number 284 to 286 are:
Henry Edward Deakin was a company Director: Robert Grierson was an Engineer and George Eardly was a commercial Traveller.

Member Number 287 and our 49th WM in 1935/36
Harry was a Master Butcher and lived in Moston.
He joined when he was 41 on 13th April 1921
And he must have been so proud when he installed his successor in to the WM's chair in the October
because 1936 was the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge.
Henry died on 11th November 1960.

Member Number 288 and our 50th Anniversary WM in 1936
Arthur William TURNER
Arthur was an electrician joining when he was 42 on 9th November 1921, and I bet he never thought he'd be master at what must have been a spectacular meeting at his installation.
The Photo that was taken commemorating the Anniversary shows most of the members in all on that picture are
71 members.
Now that aint bad!

Edward V111 Abdicated and Married Wallace Simpson

Member numbers 289 to 291
James Haworth an insurance agent: Sam Winstanley an electrician and Harry Hurst the manager of a cinema.

Member Number 292 and our 51st WM in 1937/38
Reginald Harry DOWNS
Reg was 36 when he joined on 12th April 1922, he was an Engineer and lived at 7 Kensington Street Moss Side.
He was made an hon. member in 1963 and died in 1966.
Now Reg had a Grandson called Richard who around 2001 visited our lodge for the very first time to find out more about his Grandad, and was amazed to see the 50th anniversary photo with his Grandad on it.
But in doing so he met W.Bro Tony Bannister the author of out Previous Lodge History and they began to talk, whereupon it only transpired, unbeknown to either of them, that Richard had bought a house from Tony some years before.

May 6th 1937 the Hindenburg Airship burst into flames
killing 36.
And on May 28 the Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco was opened

Member numbers 293 to 296
Fred Lowe a Customs and Excise Officer: Reginald Dobson a Pharmacist; Joseph Marlin an Assurance agent: and
Robert Carnac a superintendent of Works

Kellogs started making Corn Flakes in Trafford Park

Member Number 297 and Our 52nd WM in 1938/39
Frank was an Insurance agent joining on 14th February 1923 when he was 36 and he lived in Miles Platting.
He dies April 5th 1961.

Instant Coffee was invented

Member Numbers 298 and 299
James Wood a builder and William Jones a coalman

2nd World War

Member Number 300 and our 53rd WM in 1939/40
Reginald W.WALKER
Reg was a master butcher, living at 'Ashford' Wilmslow Road Hale.
He joined on 13th June 1923

Member Numbers 301 to 314
William Brown a manufacturer: Neil Pollock a tobacconist
Ernest Jones was a Masseur!
Herbert William Parker was a hotel owner
Gilbert Edward Wordsworth a master tailor: Arthur Morley a Master Mariner: Herbert John Austin an engineer: Thomas James Phillips was the manager of a Limited Company:
James Thomas Pinfold an engineer: Alfred Henry Woollett was a manager: Charles Smith was a licensed Victualler:
John Aubrey Leach made crayons.
William Musker was a ship canal Pilot
Mathew Hoyland Killey was chief ships steward.
Now something odd about those last two because William was initiated on 11th March 1925 and Mathew initiated on 24th March 1925 which don't make sense to me unless they had an extra meeting in the March,
anyway at 315 is Walker Watson who was an assurance managing clerk.

Member Number 316 and our 54th WM in 1940/41
Watson CLAY
Watson lived at 89 Chapel Lane Blackley and he was a musician his trade was a Pianoforte dealer and tuner.
He was 46 when he joined 13th May 1925.
He died on 22nd June 1959.

Member numbers 317 to 320
John Clarence Nicholson a commercial traveller:
Lawrence Cook a licensed victualer
Alfred Ernest Swallow who was a clerk in Holy Orders and lived at the vicarage in Audenshawe; and James Swindells who was a commercial traveller.

December 7th 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbour

Member number 321 and our 55th WM in 1941/42
Tom was a joiner and builder and lived at Ivy Cottage Wash Lane Timperley. He joined when he was 50 on 9th December 1925

Member Numbers 322,323 and 324 are
George Taylor a restaurant proprietor: Thomas Hampson a Master Pork butcher and Frank Barber a wire work manufacturer.

Member Number 325 and our 56th WM in 1942/43
Now Harry was a stationer and tobacconist living at 572 Liverpool Road Irlam.
I dont know if he is related to the other Southerns previously in the Lodge.
He joined on 9th September 1926 and was made an Honoury member in 1961.

Member Number 326 and our 57th WM in 1943/44
Walter Francis WATSON
Walter was an Assurance agent and lived at 32 Whitecar Ave New Moston .
He joined on 10th November 1926

Member Number 327
Is Fred Thorpe who was a newsagent

Member Number 328 and our 58th WM in 1944/45
William Waldron STANIER
William was 39 when he joined on 12th January 1927
He was a Motor Engineer and lived in Altrincham
He was also the father of one our longest serving
members George who appears later.

May5th 1945 and the ONLY American civilians killed in war-time
on American soil in Oregon by a Japenese bomb.

Member Numbers 329 to 335
George Herbert Nawell was a wine merchant: Peter Higson a foreman: Tom Hartley a shoe factor: Thomas Roberts a master pork butcher: Frederick Tomlinson an Oilcloth Merchant: Harold Ashton Grimshawe a stationer and tobacconist: and at 335
Lewis Hickinbottom who was a butcher

Member number 336 and our 59th WM in 1945/46
John was a farmer living at Woodstock Farm Irlam.
He was 48 when he joined 11th January 1928
His Installation was on 10th October 1945 and he tragically died on 8th October 1946 the day before the next installation.

August 6th 1945 Hiroshima was obliterated with an
Uranium Bomb killing over 140000
and three days later Nagasaki had a Plutonium bomb
dropped on it
Thus ending the War.

Member Numbers 337, 338 and 339
Herbert Hoyle was a wholesale boot factor: Percy James Morton was a ship canal pilot and
Leonard Rothwell a salesman with the Coop.

Member Number 340 and our 60th WM in 1946/47
Harry's installation must have been extremely a sad occasion with his predecessor John Parker passing away the day before.
Which meant of course that William Stanier would have done two years as IPM.
Harry was 40 when he joined on 14th March 1928 and was a master plasterer and contractor.
He lived in Alstaed Ave Hale.

Member number 341 and 342
George Harry Fish who was a ladies and childrens clothier
Stanley Higgonbothom who was a licensed victualer.

On July 9th 1947 Princess Elizabeth got engaged to Phillip
and the very next day-
July 10th 1947
Camilla Parker Bowles was born
Married our Future King on
April 9th 2005
(but will she become Queen Camilla?)

Member number 343 and Our 61st WM in 1947/48
Richard Bailey
Richard joined the lodge when he was 36 on 9th January 1929.
He was the first of many Police Officers to join the lodge.
and was a Sergeant when he joined.
He lived at 84 Wilmslow Road Didsbury.
Now in 1936 at our 50th Anniversary he is present on the back row of the Photo, but by some typographical error his name is shown as BATLEY.
(I bet he was gutted)
(See the Photos site to see mistake.)
And how embarrasing for our lodge to misspell the name of this man who in 1921
not only receives the King Police Medal for Bravery in 1921
but on the recomendation of a High Court Assize Judge be promoted.
Now why did he reveive such an accolade?
Well I can tell you:

Thanks to Dave Tetlow Greater Manchester Police Museum Newton Street)
and some of my own research at Central Library.

This is worth Reading:
Richard Bailey was a Miner by trade and lived in Biddulph.
He was not married.
Richard Joined Manchester City Police back in 1913 and was apparently called up for war service in 1915.
He rejoined the police on 22nd January 1919 with his collar number D277.
On Saturday 2nd April 1921 a several Police officers were shot during a raid on a club in which the IRA or now known as Sinn Fein were heavily involved. The raid was conducted by many officers including Richard. 23 men were arrested and eventually convicted of Treason as well as other offences. These arrests put an end to the turmoil that Manchester had been subjected to for many months.

The full story behind this incident is as follows.
Sinn Fein were using the Erskine Street Club in Hulme as a refuge and ammunition dump, and during the previous day many members of Sinn Fein had set fire to a number of buildings in the City Centre at the same time so as to cause as much disruption as possible.
A description of some of those responsible were known to the police and on the Saturday Richard along with his colleauge Sgt Bollas went into the club, both were not in uniform. Bollas was armed with a revolver in his jacket pocket, and he kept his hands in his pocket at all times.
The club was packed but they could not see anyone fitting the description so they went upstairs to a room where they saw two men answering the description of those involved. Sgt Bollas began asking the man questions when suddenly he rose and pulled out a revolver and pointed it at Bollas and told him to put his hands up. Bollas if you recall still had his hands in his pockets one holding his own gun, he pulled out his hands and almost sure he would be shot himself, shot the man in the head killing him instantly. The other man too had a gun and Bollas shot him as well. Other IRA men began coming up the stairs all armed and one shot Richard, but were soon overpowered by Police reinforcements who had heard the shootings.
It was as a result of the Trial at Manchester Assizes that the Judge, Mr Justice Swift recommended that the principle officers involved in the arrests should be suitably rewarded for their actions, and consequently Richard and the other Officers were both promoted and given the Kings Medal for Bravery.
Richard was promoted to Sergeant with his new number of D Sgt 86.

But there is more about this man because in 1941
He received a Commendation from HM King George V
for action during Civil Defence, during an air raid in March 1941 whe he saved several people in a bombed building.
The King ordered his name to be
displayed in the London Gazette dated 21st March 1941

Richard retired from the Police on 9th December 1941 after 28 years service.
He died in December 1977
at the ripe old age of 84.

Member numbers 344 and 345
John Whitney was a collector of Income Tax and
William Thompson was an Ironmonger

Member number 346 and Our 62nd WM in 1948/49
Herbert BARBER
Herbert was a master wireworker and joined the lodge on 10th April 1929.
He lived at 100 Cobden Street Blackley

Member Numbers 347, 348 and 349
Harry Hartley a commercial traveller: Ernest Bennett a master mariner and Thomas Clarke a confectioner.

Member Number 350 and our 63rd WM in 1949/50
Stanley was a commercial Cashier and he lived on Kingsley Place Moston.
He joined the Lodge on 11th December 1929

Member Numbers 351 to 354
Thomas Green was a Lock Master on the Ship Canal
Herbert Bromage was an Engineers buyer: Edward Oates a builders merchant: George William King owned a cinema.

Member Number 355 comes Later

Member Numbers 356 to 369
William Turner ab Insurance agent: Herbert Politt an engineer: Cecil Oates the brother of member 353 was also a builders merchant: Vincent Butterworth a stockbroker
Harry Fowler a Hotel Manager: Walter Battye an Insurance Agent: Alfred Steward a Professional Footballer and Cricketer: Frederick Barber a commercial Traveller:
Charles William Roscoe BLACKFORD was our Second police officer, in fact he was a Sergeant in the Police and Fire Service working in Salford.
Joseph Cumpsty a Grocer: William Siddle a licensee: Albert Hibbert a butcher: Henry Carney a public works contractor:
and at 369 Harry Stokes a butcher

Member Number 370 and our 64th WM in 1950/51
James INCE
James was 25 when he joined on 11th January 1933 and he was a grocers assistant then living at 369 Moorside Road Flixton.

Now back to Member number 355
and our 65th WM in 1951/52
George Clifford LEES
George was a motor engineer and garage owner and he lived on Whitecross Road Tideswell Buxton.
He joined 9th April 1930

6th February 1952
King George VI dies

Member numbers 371 to 374
Charlesworth Vernon a bank clerk: John Ashworth a company director: and George Albert Horsefield a commercial Traveller

Member Number 375 and our 66th WM in 1952/53
John Alfred MAJOR
John was 43 when he joined on 14th November 1934.
He was a Grocer and provisions merchant and lived at 60 Bankfield Ave Heaton Norris
He died on 12th December 1977.

2nd June 1953 A princess becomes a Queen

Member Numbers 376 to 385
George Smith a branch manager: John Tapsell a commercial traveller: Godfrey Lewis Mellor a hairdresser: William Siddle a salesman: James Jackson a master decorator:
Mathew McHaugh a marine engineer: Frederick Boardman a general merchant: Cyril Foster a cargo superintendent
Frank Taylor a manager and at 385
Harry Hazeldine Heaton a shipping rep.

Member Number 386 and our 67th WM in 1953/54
Charles William WATKINS
Charles was a clerk living at 62 Brentbridge Road Fallowfield.
He joined on January 13th 1937 and died March 11th 1966.

If you were a Witch then from now on you wont be presecuted
as the anti witch laws were repealed

Member Numbers 387 to 391
Cyril Lewis a commercial traveller: James Ralphs was retired and was in fact 67 when he joined.
Ronald Thompson was a funeral director:
and Henry Eckersly at 391 was an Insurance manager.

Member Number 392 and our 68th WM in 1954/55
Robert LLOYD
Robert was a commercial traveller living at 8 St Albans Crescent Timperley.
He joined 11th May 1938
and died on 6th August 1959

Member number 393 comes later

Member numbers 394 to 397
Albert Tunstall a house furnisher: Albert Henry Maber was a clerk in Holy Orders: James Dinsdale a cereal chemist

Member number 398 comes later

Member numbers 399 and 400 are
Samuel Wood an insurance manager and
Herbert Boyce a Chief Officer in the Merchant Marine
now what is special about Herbert is this he was a member of St Andrews Lodge Number 7 Nova Scotia and when he came here he was only an EA and we passed him on 14th December 1938 then raised him on 8th February 1939
He became a joining member in 1941 and sadly died of the Fever in Aden on 19th September 1944

Feb 17th 1955
We became a Nuclear Power

Member Number 401 and our 69th WM in 1955/56
Horatio was 39 when he joined on 13th August 1941.
He was a builder and contractor and lived on Grey Mare Lane.
He died on 31st December 1963

Member Number 402 and our 70th WM in 1956/57
Edward Sherman WALKER
Edward was a commercial Traveller living at Woodlands Park Altrincham
He joined the lodge on 11th March 1942

March 23 1957
Up to now the US Army had used homing pidgeons
as a reliable means of communication!!
On this day they sold them all.
(me-thinks to an Asian restaurant?)

Member numbers 403 and 404 are
Richard Morgan who owner a garage and
Harold Manoell who was a berthing master

Member number 405 comes later

Member number 406 to 409
Joseph Peters a fish and fruit merchant:
Reginald Haliburton Fowden a mining engineer
William Smedley an engineer and at 409
William Randal Lord who was a Butcher.

Sputnik 1 went into orbit

Member number 410 and our 71st WM in 1957/58
Thomas was an Aircraft Fitter living at 100 Cobden Street Blackley.
He joined on 12th July 1944

February 5th 1958
This is a good one-
A B47 Bomber accidentaly dropped a thermonuclear bomb in Georgia at the mouth of a river-
and to this day it has never been found!!!!

and also that same month Manchester lost some of its
best footballers in Munich

We go back to member number 405
and our 72nd WM in 1958/59
Ken was an Insurance Broker joining on 10th March 1943.
He lived at flat 8 1 Vincent Ave Chorton cum Hardy.

Back even further to Member number 393
and our 73rd WM in 1959/60
Arthur Frank HARRISON
Arthur was a clerk of works living in St Albans Crescent Timperley.
He joined ecember 14th 1938

Member number 411
Joseph Edgar Pointon and engineer

Member Number 412 and our 74th WM in 1960/61
Edwin Holman HAWKINS
Edwin- always known as Ted, was a chief steward in the merchant navy. He joined the Lodge 11th July 1945 and lived in Eccles.
He died in 1985 and his Masters Jewel was returned to the Lodge and
I bought it and wear it proudly.

April 12th 1961
Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space

Member Number 413 and 414
George Beresford who was a Pianoforte specialist
and Stephen Chorlton was a branch manager of the Co-op.

Member Number 415 and our 75th WM in 1961/62
Thomas Clement PRICE
The father of our current DC Peter.
Thomas was a company director living in Flixton.
He joined the lodge on 12th December 1945.

Bit of a frightener here when Cuba started pointing nuclear missiles at the US, but President Kennedy wasn't having any of that!!

Member numbers 416 to 426
William Musker a ship canal pilot: Job Gore a ship boatman
John Jones a licensee: Samuel Bennett an Insurance agent
Arthur Swann ran a kennels: Bernard Towler an engineer
Wallace Creer an Engineer:
Henry Musker and Engineer Director:
Robert Peake a licensee: Kenneth Smith a railway Clerk
and at 426 Charles Potter an Auto engineer

26th June 1963
President Kennedy said, 'I am a donut.'
Actually what he said was
Ich bin ein Berliner
which translates to the above!!

Member number 427 and our 76th WM in 1962/63
Frank was an electrical engineer living at 720 Rochdale Road Collyhurst.
He actually joined Haven Lodge then became a joining member of De Tatton on 8th December 1948

Member Numbers 428 and 429
James Ferrington a motor engineer and
Norman Litherland was a printer

President Kennedy is assinated

Member number 430 and our 77th WM in 1963/64
Lewis was the manager of Super Floors Ltd in Manchester and lived at 47 The Crescent Flixton.
He joined 11th May 1949 and was promoted in 1965 to
Provincial Grand Steward.

Member Numbers 431 to 434
Harold Derbyshire a sales Rep: George Beresford a dental mechanic: Walter Moth a journalist and
Eric Arthur Ashworth a Fireman.

Member Number 435 and our 78th WM in 1964/65
Paul was a master Painter and lived in Chorlton
He joined on 14th March 1951

Member numbers 436 to 440
John Buckingham a cashier: Charles Smith a ladies outfitter
Harry Reynolds an insurance agent:
Charles Goodwin a licensee: and
Leonard Glaishe was a director of a dry cleaning firm

Member Number 441 and our 79th WM in 1965/66
Frank was a Butcher living in Blackley.
He Joined De Tatton on 10th December 1952

Member Numbers 442 to 452
Alfred Downs a Manager: Alfred Hulme a Master decorator
Nigel Wynne a director of a paint firm
Arthur Carter a Parish Clerk: Herbert Pollitt an engineer
John Nixon owned a Dry Cleaners
Harold Whitehead was a Ship canal Pilot
Alfred Gibson a commercial Traveller: John King a Licensee
William Snape a Plumber and at 452
James Ernest Venebles was a wholsale Meat salesman

Member Number 453 and our 80th WM in 1966/67
Arthur Newby DODD
Arthur was 58 when he joined in March 1956
He lived at 115 Alexandra Road Chorlton
He was a Fruiterer and florist

Member Number 454 and our 81st WM in 1967/68
Charles Cyril Thompson
Cyril was in the Motor Trade and lived in Worsley.
He joined the Lodge 14th November 1956
and died on 28th May 1982

Member Number 455 and our 82nd WM in 1968/69
Fred WAS De Tatton Lodge.
For years he was our DC and was one of the nicest men I have ever met.
He was a Motor Trader and lived in Gatley
He joined on 9th January 1957.

Member Numbers 456 and 457
Tom Morris an electrical engineer and
John Henry Morgan a florist

Neil Armstrong said 'Thats one small step for man-
one giant leap for mankind'
and if you dont know where he was when he said it you ought to be ashamed!!

Member Number 458 and our 83rd WM in 1969/70
Clifford ATKINS
Clifford was a Master Painter living in Timperley.
He joined on 11th December 1957

22nd January 1970
The very first Jumbo jet lands at Heathrow

Member numbers 459 to 463
Arthur James Hodkinson was a carpet specialist and
Reginald Maybury was a sales Rep:
at 461 was George Edward Shepherd who was a master Builder and was a joining member from Royal Edward Lodge 1088 but was also our 2nd Provincial Grand Steward in 1958.
at 462: William Bolton an engineer and at 463 Frank Packwood an Iron and steel Rep.

Member number 464 and Our 84th WM in 1970/71
Stanley Edward SHEPHERD
Stan was a Pharmacist living in Sale.
He joined Royal Edward Lodge 1088 on 3rd January 1949 and became a joining member of De Tatton
on 13th May 1959

Member Numbers 465 to 469
Stanley Greenall a technical rep: Fred Roberts a motor trader: Lawrence Fisher a clerk:
Alexander Brisbane a hardware merchant: and at 469 Clifford Wyche a mechanical enginer:

7th February 1971
Men in Switzerland wept and banged their heads on anything hard
as their wives got the right to vote!!
(hey this is only thirty odd years ago!!!)

Member Number 470 and our 85th WM in 1971/72
Robert Cyril DEWEY
Bob was a Deputy Manager in an Insurance Firm and was 39 when he joined on 12th April 1961.
He lived in Brooklands

Member Numbers 471 and 472 are
Albert Marriott Whalley a GPO engineer and
Geoffrey Bernard Wynne a painter and decorator

Member number 473 and our 86th WM in 1972/73
Jack Thomas LAMB
Jack was a plumber joining on 12th September 1962.
He lived in Timperley

1st January 1973
Britain join the EEC
(now was that a good move or a bad move?)

Member Number 474
Arthur Thomas Barnes a tiling contractor

8th November 1974
The Police begin to look for Lord Lucan-
and today only 40 years on they are still looking!!

Member number 475 and our 87th WM in 1973/74
Frederick Alan SIMPSON
Fred was a sales Rep living in Altrincham.
He joined the Lodge on 14th November 1962

Now we go back a long long way for our next WM
Member number 398 and our 88th WM in 1974/75
George Ronald STANIER
George was another stalwart of De Tatton and was our Almoner until he passed away.
He was an engineer and lived in Altrincham.
He joined the Lodge on 10th April 1940
and when you glance back at the last few dozen members you can see how many have passed him to the WM's chair.
In fact there has been no less than 80 members joined before he was our WM

Member numbers 476 and 477
John Sharp who was a representative and
Albert Hall a butcher

Member Number 478 and our 89th WM in 1975/76
William Bryan TOMLINSON
Bill yet another stalwart of our lodge was a Police Sergeant, and in fact was my Sergeant for a time in Moss Side back in the 60's.
He joined on 8th January 1964 and lived then in Stretford then moved to North Wales, yet this move didn't prevent him from attending every meeting of the lodge.

Member Number 479 and our 90th WM in 1976/77
Jimmy was a company director living in Whaley Bridge.
He joined on 12th February 1964

The next two members are
480 and 481
Roy Cheetham a Petrolium Rep and James Craven a salesman

Member Number 482 and our 91st WM in 1977/78
Stanley SMITH
Stan was an electrician living in Sale.
He joined on 8th December 1965

And in 1978 there were three Popes

Member Numbers 483 to 487
Alfred Lloyd a sales manager: Peter Collins a florist
John Coombe a Police Sergeant, and John and Bill Tomlinson (member 478) were friends and John was my Sergeant for a time in Moss Side
and Hulme back in the 60's.
Ernest Albiston was a retail trader: and at 487
Donald Simpson a butcher

9th August 1979
If you like taking your clothes off- all of them
then the only place to do it was on the new Nudist beach at Brighton
and its still there today!

Member number 488 and our 92nd WM in 1978/79
George Edward WINSTANLEY
Ted was a company director living on Mauldeth Road Didsbury.
He joined the Lodge on 8th November 1967

Margaret Thatcher becomes Britains first women PM

Member number 489 and our 93rd WM in 1979/80
Rev. Bryan SMITH
Bryan changed his name to Palmer-Smith in September 1979.
He was 28 when he joined on 14th February 1968
and was a Methodist Minister living in Little Hulton

Member number 490 and our 94th WM in 1980/81
Wally was a motor trader and lived in Cheadle.
He joined the lodge 13th Nov 1968

Member Numbers 491 to 494
Douglas Moore a sales rep:
Herbert Morgan a company director:
Alistair Graham Bairfield was 71 when he joined form Royal Edward Lodge 1088 Kenneth Morgan a company director

Member Number 495 and our 95th WM in 1981/82
Thomas Arthur Neild
Tom still a member today and our treasurer for many a year.
Another stalwart of this Lodge.
Tom lives in North Manchester and is a Gunsmith.
He joined on 13th January 1971

The Falklands War

Member Number 496
Allan George Priestener a decorator

Member Number 497 and our 96th WM in 1982/83
Tony is a company director living in the Eccles Area
He joined the Lodge on 8th December 1971
Tony was responsible for creating the Lodge History at our Centenary in 1986, a copy of which is kept in the Lodge at all times,
as it is a valuable source of Lodge History.

This Lodge has been through many ups and downs, but none worse than a few years ago when the membership had fallen so low to eight members, that it was thought we may have to surrender our Warrant.
In fact a meeting had been arranged for that purpose and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master,
John Phillimore came to get it.

He didn't get it.

What he did get was an unforgettable meeting in which Tony suggested we give the Lodge another chance.
Despite some reservations from some Members, that's exactly what we did, and here we are some three years on with the membership more than doubling, so much so was our progress that the Provincial Grand Master celebrated our success when he visited the Lodge last year.

31st January 1983
drivers HAD to wear seat belts and
on 9th February Shergar went missing

Member Numbers 498 to 505
Walter Greenwood a designer: Sydney Brett Manager on the docks: William Sadler a draughsman: Stuart Bertenshawe a schoolteacher- Now Stuart was our Secretary for many years and left to join another Lodge: Richard Johnson was a builder: Robert Winstanley a haulage contractor:
Roger Ladson an accountant
and at 505 Roy Madeley a retail manager.

Member Number 506 and our 97th WM in 1983/84
Peter Frank PRICE
Peter, son of member 415 Clement Price joined the Lodge on 14th September 1976.
Peter was a Spice Merchant living in the Flixton area.
Peter is another long serving Brother and has been our DC for many years taking over from Fred Hampson.
He ensures the Lodge keeps ticking over.

Member number 507
Charles Samuel Pindard an auto electrician

Member Number 508 and our 98th WM in 1984/85
Joseph Vernon MARSHALL
Joe was an Insurance man living when he joined us in Heaton Chapel.

12th November 1984
Hope you didnt have any Pound notes in your wallet after today-
only pound coins from now on!!

Member Number 509 and our 99th WM in 1985/86
Peter Irving ANDERSON
Peter was an Insurance agent and he joined De Tatton on 9th November 1977

Member Number 510 and our CENTENARY WM in 1986
Harold must have been so proud at his Installation
He was our 100th WM.
During his year the provincial Grand Master came and opened Provincial Lodge, the Lodge room was packed.
Ir was during thiat meeting that the PGM promoted Fred Hampson our DC who was the PPrGSuptWrks to PPrJGW
Harold was a garage manager living in Worsley and he joined the Lodge 12th April 1978.

Member number 511
Freb Lansom an Insurance agent

Member Number 512 and our 101st WM in 1987/88
David Bernard LEWIS
David was 32 when he joined in February 1979
He was a Police Officer and we worked together for a time in the Longsight area,
a good friend.
He always has a joke that you've never heard before!
David has not been well and moved to Milton Keynes, but manages to get up to Sale when he can

Member number 513 and Our 102nd WM in 1988/90
Colin Leslie Fisher
Colin was a joiner by Trade living in Bolton and joined the Lodge in November 1979.
Now something happened towards the end of Colins year that threw us into somewhat of a quandry.
The next WM was to be member number 520 Arthur Cook,
and we arranged the Past Masters dinner as always to arrange the officers for his year, the only thing is that everyone came-
but him!!
Oh dear!
So Colin had to do what Edward Simpson did back in 1887 and do two years as WM.

1st April 1990
Massive riots at Strangeways Jail

Member Numbers 514 to 520
Christopher Hunt was a company director: Cyril Lever was also a company director: Fred Atkins was the brother of our Centenary WM and he was a decorator: David Ball was representative: Alun Pope was a sales director: John Latham was a heating engineer and at 510 was our missing WM Arthur Cooke who was a production manager, and just to add that no one has seen sight nor sound of him since, nor did he contact us to say why what he did.

Member Number 521 and Our 103rd WM in 1990/91
Iain Copeland
Iain joined on 11th May 1984
He was a sales Manager working with paint Pigments and he lived in Stockport.

Member Number 522
Kevion Edward Gerrard a factory manager

The World Wide Web is Invented

Member Number 523 and Our 104th WM in 1991/92
Stephen Booth CLIFFORD
Right this is Me.
I joined De Tatton Lodge on 13th November 1985.
David Lewis was my Proposer and Fred Hampson my seconder.
I was a Police Dog Handler working Longsight and South Manchester.
During my year as WM I was also J in Stamford Chapter
WMS in Rose Croix
and Eminent Preceptor in Love and Friendship KT
I got Provincial Honours in 1992
and was De Tatton's third recipient of
Provincial Grand Steward

Operation 'Desert Storm' to free Kuwait

Member numbers 524 and 525
David Unsworth a masonry contractor and
Colin Atkins a steam cleaner

Member Number 527 comes later

Member numbers 528 to 540
Kenneth Morrison a debt collector: Bill Ellershaw a manager
Michael Hindle a garage proprietor: Stephen Hayes a company director: Roger Crewe a garage mechanic
Brian Burke a security manager
Donald Alexander Swirles a Painter and Decorator
Now Don and I were great friends and shared a love of canal boating, his boat being moored in front of mine on the Macclesfield Canal.
Sadly Don Passed away a few years ago.
Andrew Bower a sales rep: Raymond Jackson aservice engineer: Bryn Jones was another Police Officer- Now Brynn had a really unusual hobby he used to make things out of leather, and decorate then with incredible detail.
Austin Moorhouse was a stationary manager but no one could touch him on the dance floor, you think Fred Astair was good...
and at 540 Paul Rucki was a prison Officer

Member Number 541 and our 105th WM in 1992/93
Gerald JONES
Gerry is a musician and joined our lodge from
Temple Lodge 3990
Gerry moved to Teneriffe some years ago,
not that we envy him sat in the sunshine every day sipping wine and sangria.
He still comes back to the Lodge regularly.

Huge Bomb damages world Trade Centre
(a test for things to come?)

Back to member number 527 and our 106th WM in 1993/94
Brian Archer TIPLER
Brian is my brother in law, married to my sister Viv.
Brian joined when I proposed him on 11th February 1987.
He was our Organist and was a Music Teacher by Profession.
Brian was our last WM in a run that apart from Colin Fisher and Edwin Simpson saw a different WM every year since the Lodge was consecrated.
The next few years saw Past Masters being the WM.

Member number 538 comes later

Member Numbers 542 and 543
Barry Eardley an engineer and
Martin Birchill a company director

Member Number 544 comes later

The Channel Tunnel opens linking us to those
slimey snail sucking frog eaters!

Member number 535
Robert John Somerset a cleaning consultant

Member number 497 and Our 107th WM in 1994/95
Anthony Bannister
This is the second of three stints as our WM

28th August 1994
From today you can buy things in shops on a Sunday

Member number 455 and our 108th WM in 1995/96
His second time as WM

15th June 1996
Huge explosion rocks the centre of Manchester
as the IRA blow up the Arndale

Member number 506 and our 109th WM in 1996/97
Peter Frank PRICE
Peters 2nd term as WM

31st August 1997
The day we lost a Princess

Back to member number 544
and our 110th WM in 1997/98
Leslie Roy AYLWARD
Les was a joining member from Waterfall Lodge 8716
He joined in September 1995 and was a Museum director.

Back to Member Number 538
and our 111th WM in 1998/99
I initiated Barry during my year as WM on 12th February 1992, I passed him on 11th March 1992 and I raised him
on 9th September 1992.
Barry still a Member and our Almoner.

Member Number 398
Our 112th WM in 1999/2000
Our Longest serving Member
George Ronald Stanier
This is George's second term as WM

Member Number 512 and our 113th WM in 2000/01
David Bernard Lewis
David's 2nd time as WM

September 11th 2001
A day no one will EVER forget

Member Number 527 and our 114th WM in 2001/02
Brian Archer Tipler
Brian's second term as WM

29th January 2002 Queen Elizabeth 11 celebrates
50 years as our Monarch

Member Number 497 and our 115th WM in 2002/03
Anthony Bannister
This is Tony's third term as WM
and in doing so is the ONLY
Past Master EVER to serve three terms.

1st February 2003
The Shuttle disintigrates on re-entry killng seven astrounauts

Member number 546 and our 116th WM in 2003/04
Phillip Hartley RUSSELL
Phill joined us from East Lancs
(proving I suppose that we allow anyone in!!)
(only joking)
Phill along with all the current members and those who follow saved this Lodge from going under.
He is a Managing director and lives in the Eccles area
A superb ritualist second only to myself!!
But something remarkable happened in Phills year, he received the derisory Provincial Rank from East Lancs of PPrAGP, which to those of you who dont know is the lowest rank possible and is more an insult than anything else.
That however was put right by our Provincial Grand Master when he visited our Lodge in the January.
During that meeting he promoted Phill to a Cheshire Provincial Officer as a PPrAGDC.
(And quite right so and well deserved)

England Rugy squad win the world cup
beating the Australians

Member Number 547 comes later

Member Numbers 548 to 556
Jack Welch a printer and our SW
Peter Hewitt a florist and our JD
Ray Degg told us he was an IT engineer, but then everything he told us turned out not to be the case!!
Brandon Riley our IG and an engineer
John Williams our JW and a Police Inspector
Michael Pye an Adjudicator
David Bradbury joined us from Lodge of Peace No.322 is currently our Charity Rep
John Buckley a Police Sergeant
and finally at 556
Mathew Routley a Music Teacher

Member Number 547 and our 117th and Current WM in 2004/05
Ken joined on the same night as Phill Russell and Jack Welch all three coming from Iron Road Lodge

So there, thats all the members that have ever been in
De Tatton Lodge.
This brings us right up to date here in 2005
with 7 ceremonies to do to make the last members full Masons.

You may have noticed that I have omitted the Ranks of our members, and this was done deliberately.

But the Masonic Ranks are important so to put this right I list the ranks and Offices of our current members.

W.Bro Ken Hames is our WM
W.Bro Phill Russell PPrAGDC our IPM and Chaplain
W.Bro Jack Welch our SW
Bro John Williams our JW
W.Bro Tom Neild PPrGSwdBr our Treasurer
W.Bro Steve Clifford PPrAGDC our Secretary
W.Bro Peter Price PPrSGD our DC
W.Bro Barry Unsworth PPrJGD our Almoner and SD
W.Bro Dave Bradbury PPrJGD our Charity Steward
Bro Peter Hewitt our JD
Bro Brandon Riley our IG
W.Bro Gerry Jones PPrAGSwdBr and
W.Bro David Lewis PPrJGD are both listed as Stewards.
and of course
W.Bro Tony Bannister PPrJGD

As of the Last Meeting De Tatton had met 1062 times.

I think it would be very remiss of me if I did not mention
an East Lancs Provincial Officer with the rank of PPrAGStdBr
who assists us regularly with our ceremonies as our Tyler.
Bro Norman Leach.
Who by the way is yet another retired Police Officer and we used to
work together sometimes in the Chorlton and Wythenshawe areas.

Of course we have many regular visitors

More information may follow as it becomes available


Are your glasses all charged in
the West and the South?' the
Worshipful Master cried!
'All charged in the West'
'All charged in the South'
Came the Wardens' prompt
Then to our final toast tonight,
our glasses freely drain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

The mason's social
brotherhood around the festive
Reveals a truth more precious
far, than any miser's hoard.
We freely share the bounteous
gifts, that generous hearts

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

We meet as masons free and
true, and when our work is done,
The merry song and social
glass is not unduly won.
And only at our farewell pledge
is pleasure mixed with pain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

Amidst our mirth we drink to all
poor masons o'er the Earth,
On every shore our flag of love is
gloriously unfurled.
We prize each Brother, fair or
dark, who bears no moral stain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

We Masons prize that noble
truth, the Scottish peasant told,
That rank is but a guinea stamp:
The man himself the gold.
We meet the rich and poor alike,
the equal rights maintain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

Dear brethren of the mystic tie,
the night is waning fast,
Our work is done, our feast is
o'er, this toast must be the last.
Good night to all, once more
good night,
again that farewell strain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part,
happy to meet again.

Here's to all poor and
distressed masons
Wherever they may be over land
sea or in the air
A speedy return to their own
If they so desire.
The Tylers toast

This is the final toast at any Masonic meeting.